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Weighted Hula hoop

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⭐️ Our Weighted Hula Hoop™ was seen by millions in the past 30 days and because of that we completely sold out 2 times!


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Customizable size : This hula hoop's diameter can be set to anywhere between 18 cm to 38 cm to perfectly fit your waist.

Portable : Dismantle it and assemble it at your own leisure. Carrying generic hula hoop's can be tedious. The AussieHoop hula hoop can stored easily into a bag. You can even take it when you go on a holiday!!! Workout the Aussie way!


Beginner friendly : The hoop does not fall off like the generic hoops do. You can enjoy your workout with a peace of mind.

Light weight : Its light weight characteristics makes your workouts fun!! The hoop is made of high-quality ABS material.

Beginner to Expert : This hula hoop gives you an amazing workout regardless or whether you're a beginner or an expert.



⭐️ Unlike generic fitness solutions, Weighted Hoop doesn’t just shape your waist, it creates lasting benefits to various muscle groups. 

⭐️ To keep twirling our Hoop, you need to activate leg muscles to help power the movement. Because of that, you'll do a complete lower-body workout, including the core.

⭐️ Experience fun and effective way of working out while burning up to 500 calories per hour! Our Weighted Hula Hoop™ ensures a nonstop body workout by simply rotating the gravity ball attached to the hoop.

⭐️ Unlike traditional hula hoop, our Weighted Hula Hoop™ sits comfortably on your waist and never falls! Get more workout done in the same amount of time.


⭐️ Connected by 24 detachable clips, our Weighted Hoop is adjustable to all waist sizes from 20 to 50 inches. 

⭐️ That means that you can use it forever, regardless of your waist size changes. Every section has an ergonomic bump that provides a pleasant massage to your belly while using it. 

⭐️ Easily adjust the weight by filling the weight ball with water, sand or any other material you desire.


  • Knots Quantity: 24
  • Minimum inner diameter approx. 18cm.(14 Knots)
  • Maximum inner diameter approx. 38 cm.(24 Knots)
  • Minimum waist circumference approx. 56 cm / 23 inches. (14 Knots)
  • Maximum waist circumference approx. 120 cm / 45 inches. (24 Knots)
  • Colour: Pink, Purple
  • Ball weight approx. 260 g

Packing List:

1 Set of 24 Knots AussieHoop Hula Hoop

Weighted Hula hoop
$45.92 $56.92

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