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High Magnetic Electronic Timer Led Digital

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The Ultimate Way to Stay Focused

Do you ever find yourself being less productive because you have unlimited time to complete a task?

Time management is a real challenge. Emails, texts, phone calls prevent us from focusing on and effectively executing for a single task at a time. It can be hard to find the motivation to do those tasks when facing different distractions.

We know that happens to us frequently, but we rarely think of starting a visual timer for ourselves to keep on task. This precise reason is why TickTime Timer created.

TickTime is a small timing device that can be used as a countdown or a count-up timer. The nice thing is that as long as you are using one of the preset times, easily flip the device to make the timer work! The smooth design allows you to spend more time doing your things. Every second is precious, and TickTime helps you focus on what you're doing and get it done.

This latest digital timer is your time manager for achieving a higher quality of life and become an essential partner in your daily life.

What Can the Visual Timer Use for?

  1. Working--On a tight timescale? Want to spend a specific amount of time on a certain job? Get TickTime beside you on your desk to help you with your time management.
  2. Workouts--Set yourself targets during gym sessions. Beat your personal best. TickTime records all your jogs, sprints, cycles, and rows so you can see the pace you're setting.
  3. Games--Use it as an alternative to a sandglass/egg timer for all kinds of games in which you've got a limited time to take your turn.
  4. Cooking--How long has the pizza been in the oven? How much longer for the perfect souffle? TickTime will tell you.

Get Started

  1. Quick Flip Countdown´╝ÜFlipping to the number and facing this side up, that means the minutes you choose.
  2. Adjust Volume´╝ÜPush V+ button to turn volume up.Push V- button to volume down and to activate silent mode.
  3. Stop Alarm´╝ÜChange TickTime to the standing position.(LED display facing up)
  4. Turn Off´╝ÜHold on both buttons for 3 seconds.

The Magnetic Side

TickTime has a magnetic side to stick to the fridge or any metal surfaces to leave you hands-free while keeping track of the time.

LED Display

LED Display promotes better experience of visual images when you are tracking the time. The digital numbers and icons you see on the screen are much brighter in great colors. There is no motion delay on the screen.

What's in the Box

1*Product Package
1*TickTime timer
1*Product Manual
1*Micro USB Cable
High Magnetic Electronic Timer Led Digital

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