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Aquarium Clean Vacuum Water

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▬ Easy-to-use cleaner pump for aquarium.

▬ Keeps the aquarium clean, gives your fish a nice living environment

▬ Keep your fish healthy

▬ Excellent helper to change water & clean the gravel.

▬ The head part is specially designed for gravel cleaning. You can dig it right into the gravel.

▬ Long straight handle for easy handling so you can keep your hands dry.

▬ Extra long in case you cannot put the bucket right next to the fish tank.

▬ There is a stopper to protect fishes/plants from being sucked into the vacuum.

▬ Easy to use. Just squeeze the pump and water will flow from the tank into a bucket.


  • Tube Length: 143cm,170cm

  • Material: Plastic

  • Outlet diameter: 0.9cm

  •    Color: Blue

    Package Included:
    1 x Aquarium Cleaner Vacuum Pump for Fish Tank

 User Instruction:

  • Put the Instant Gravel Cleaner into the fish bowl instantly

  • Put the other end of the tube into a bucket, then press the spring softly by your hands

  • Please reduce the water inlet height, thus you can remove the dirt from the bottom of your aquarium

Aquarium Clean Vacuum Water

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