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Anti-Anxiety Heavenly Soft Fluffy Pet Bed

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Get this SUPER SOFT and CUTE Nest-Like Bed That Pets ts LOVE!


Pets, aren’t they just the most majestic animal. You can’t help but LOVE them. But do you ever see your cat & dog lying in such things like a tight small box or a hard rough surfaces that looks uncomfortable? 

Our furry friends need their own special snuggle place to feel comfy, cozy and loved. Treat your most beloved companion to a little luxury with our Comfy Faux Fur Pet Bed. 

Size Guide

S 13-15 inch <6 LBS
M 18-20 inch <11LBS
L 22-24 inch <20 LBS
XL 27-29 inch <40 LBS

Eases Anxiety

We understand under certain circumstances your pet may feel overwhelmingly stressed when they are separated from you, or just having too much energy in general. Our dog bed provides a safe and relaxed environment, ensuring that your pet will feel secure and fall asleep in minutes. More sleep, less stress!

Reduces Vulnerability

Luxurious faux fur that mimics that of their mother's mentally triggers safety and reduces the sense of vulnerability. Reducing stress on their heart and mind, calming and relaxing them.

anti anxiety dog bed

Superior orthopedic comfort

Raised rims that support your dog's neck and spine for the duration of their sleep bundled with premium soft cotton to reduce muscle and joint pain.

donut dog bed

Features of the Calming Pet Bed

Suitable for Any Type of Apartment: it fits perfectly in any room of your home.

Machine Washable: quick and easy to clean with a cold program and a mild detergent.

Pet-Safe Material: Durable nylon and luxurious faux fur come together to create dog mattresses that are as practical as they are comfortable!

pet bed washable
Anti-Anxiety Heavenly Soft Fluffy Pet Bed

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